Get paid up to £12,000 for heating your home!

Countdown to the end of the RHI

2022/04/01 16:41:26

Install an air source heat pump to heat your home

You will receive tax-free payments from the government as part of their green energy policies to reduce carbon emissions

7 years of income

You receive quarterly payments for 7 years after installing your heat pump

Do I qualify?

All you have to do is install an accredited heat pump and have a home with suitable levels of cavity wall and loft insulation. Solid walls are exempt.

How do I know how much I’ll receive?

Your payments are calculated from a survey called an ‘Energy Performance Certificate’. We can carry out this survey for you!


Get paid to use green energy

In 2013, the UK government introduced the RHI to incentivise homeowners to move away from fossil fuelled heat. How we heat our homes accounts for over 30% of the UK’s total carbon emissions. We have to stop using gas, oil and direct electricity. Fossil fuelled heat will be banned in all new houses within 5 years, and if you’re boiler stops working, you will be have no choice but to install a renewable heating product. Sadly, the Renewable Heat Incentive ends on April 1st 2022 – so now is the time to make the switch to an air source heat pump! Take advantage of the RHI and have the cost of your new heating system repaid to you in tax free cash!


Most frequent questions and answers

The following people are eligible to apply for the RHI:

  • Owner occupiers (including second homes)
  • Private landlords
  • Social landlords
  • Self-builders
  • Certain new builds

As long as you own the heating system, you can apply, and you will receive the RHI payments. But you will be expected to get necessary permissions from your tenants, both to install the system, and so you can comply with the requirements on maintenance and possible site visits.

Someone who has built or commissioned a home for their own use, either by building the home themselves or by working with builders.

The tariffs will be paid for 7 years. Payments will be quarterly, in arrears, by Ofgem. While paid over a seven year period, the rates have been calculated over the expected 20 year life of the systems.

Yes. For applicants accredited on or after 1st April 2016 tariffs will change annually in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Changes will come into effect on 1 April each year

Tariffs are paid per kWh of renewable heat generated. The amount of heat generated from your installation will be ‘deemed’. This is an estimate of the property’s expected annual heat usage. You multiply the deemed heat load of renewable heat by the tariff rate to calculate the annual payments.